Apricot Crush
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4 Ways to Crushing on the 2024 Color: Apricot Crush

Apricot Crush

A refreshing and energizing hue, Pantone Color of the Year is Apricot Crush or Peach Fuzz. SM City Bataan welcomes the new year with 4 ideas for bringing this coziness into your daily life, job, and school.


When it comes to fashion, its subtle sheen offers versatility and is best paired with your favorite neutrals. Apricot Crush is a gender-neutral, multipurpose piece that looks fantastic for footwear, loungewear, activewear, bags or any occasion wear that you can get from SM Store.


Adorn your face with apricot-peachy makeup magic. Go subtle with a peach fuzz tone foundation and a tint of apricot blush, or you may go bold and use roaring peach lipstick or eyeshadow from Watsons and SM Store..


The color is often associated with qualities such as warmth, friendliness, and positivity. From notebooks, highlighters, and organizers at SM Stationery apricot makes a good choice of color for work and school items as it exudes a sense of optimism and cheerfulness giving you that extra inspiration.


Adding the shade of apricot to your home design helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere with its touch of softness and globally understood elegance. You can add an apricot accent chair, or upgrade your room by changing into apricot bedsheets, or curtains from SM Home. The color sits well next to any glass, or textiles.

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