Bataan Peninsula Tourism Council, Inc., chaired by Ms. Isabel Garcia in collaboration with the Bataan Provincial Tourism Office, successfully conducted a Seminar - Workshop on Bataan History for Tour Guides.

The event took place on May 14 and 21, 2023, at the Bataan Tourism Center. The seminar aimed to provide a refresher course to all members of the Bataan Peninsula Tour Guides and to prepare them for an upcoming Historical Tour for the students of Bataan. With Mr. Michael Charleston B. Chua as the esteemed resource speaker, the seminar provided an excellent opportunity for the tour guides to expand their knowledge and expertise. They go through deeper into Bataan's heritage and historical past, gaining additional insights that further enriched their understanding.

The attendees left the Bataan Tourism Center with a renewed sense of purpose and appreciation for their role as custodians of Bataan's history. Armed with upgraded knowledge, skills, and a determination to provide exceptional tours, they are ready to inspire and educate the students of Bataan with their captivating narratives.

The Seminar - Workshop on Bataan History for Tour Guides served as a stepping stone towards their professional growth. It enabled them to acquire a deeper understanding of Bataan's heritage while igniting their aspirations for an upgraded approach to tour guiding. With their enhanced expertise and enthusiasm, the tour guides are poised to offer unforgettable journeys through Bataan's historical sites, leaving a lasting impression on every visitor they guide.

If you require the services of a Department of Tourism (DOT) Accredited Tour Guide in Bataan, feel free to reach out to these contact numbers: (047) 935-0364 and 0917-671-6995. These local tour guides are ready to provide guidance and accompany you throughout your journey.

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