Let us be an instrument to the greatness of the Lord. Share the blessings which are bestowed upon us,heal each other’s hearts and believe in the Lord’s spirit.

Seek the Lord and have faith in Him. Those who have trust in Him will be with Him forever. Love one another as the Lord have loved us.

Welcome the Lord into our lives, and practice His teachings in our daily lives. Let him be our constant companion and let us enter in the graciousness of the Lords’ life, death and resurrection with faith and hope.


Always be good to others and do not betray other people. We have to speak of the Lord’s purpose and plan as He is almighty and powerful.

Lord knows the genuine hearts of the cheerful givers. People should be generous to those who are in need. Lord reminds us that when we care for the less fortunate, we also care for Him.

Ngayong araw, Abril 2, 2020 ay ipinagdiriwang at inaalala ang kapanganakan ng tanyag na manunulat na si Francisco Balagtas Baltazar