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Feeling hungry? Trying to find some restaurants to satisfy your appetite? Bataan has so much to offer when it comes to food and dining. You will find great meals and beverages, served in restaurants with relaxing ambiance and excellent services! Here are some of them!

Tourism Information Hub

Bataan Tourism Center (BTC) Open every day to cater all the needs and concerns of tourists from where to go, what to buy and everything about Bataan! It is a must to start your experience in the peninsula by visiting the center to be more knowledgeable, equipped and ready for the adventure waiting for you.

Historical Landmarks Like a historical archive, the province of Bataan harbors vivid stories of the past. A picturesque peninsula where soldiers and civilians once staged patriotism like no other and stood firm against what seemed to be the impossible as they fought valiantly against the Japanese forces during the Second World War.

From the verdant plains to its rolling mountains littered with stories of struggle, hope and gallantry, the Filipino’s uncommon valor and love for freedom resounds where guns and canons once rang. Today, the Peninsula is the History Hub of Central Luzon. It is our pride to share with you the historical significance of the province.

Sports and Adventure Bataan is famous for being the site of some of the most heroic but hopeless Filipino soldiers. It also became the last stand of the Second World War. But aside from that, Bataan is also rich in nature. For mountain bikers, the province is equally famous for the feared Bataan Killer Loop–a mountain bike route so mythically knotted and twisted. Many sports adventure can be done here in Bataan while you get to see the rich environment of the Province. Be high with Nature!
Accommodation Looking for accommodation to stay at? Book now in Bataan! We have the finest and luxurious hotels to the budget friendly accommodations for backpackers. Experience from world class services to homelike facilities that will complete your ultimate vacation in the peninsula. The following star rating system was made by the Bataan Provincial Tourism Office based on their own criteria . We hope this will make it easier for you to choose your accommodation.
Just imagine, you are having an indulgent moment at the beach, relaxing with your loved ones.. Can’t wait to experience this kind of getaway? What are you waiting for? Make plans today to experience the beauty of Bataan Peninsula!

One’s visit to the province will not be complete without indulging the best and unique products of Bataan! If you’re looking for the perfect souvenir items, proudly – made Galing Bataan products are available. From foods, t-shirts and to home decors, we have them for you. Galing Bataan products are ideal gifts for your loved ones waiting back at home. We also have delightful delicacies like araro cookies, cashew nuts, gourmet products and so much more.

Eco Tourism Bataan is a proof of God's wonders from the seas to the land and up to the mountains. Indeed, the peninsula satisfies not only the historians but people from all walks of life, especially nature lovers. One of the preferred destinations is the Bataan National Park, a protected area of the Philippines located in the mountainous interior of the province. Found in the middle of the park is the Mt. Natib. There are abundant resources of water identified such as springs, rivers, waterfalls, and creeks. Various species of birds and mammals are found inside. Activities in the park involve nature viewing, bird watching, and trekking to its several peaks and waterfalls. However, there are no communication facilities established in the area but your experience is surely worth it.
Cultural Alongside with Bataan’s historical highlights is a Culture that gives a strong bond between its people and their past, as well as with the future, making Bataan a perfect place for the Filipino Heritage to thrive and flourish as time goes by. Cultural and Heritage attractions such as churches, Aeta Communities and the unique Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar not only give us a glimpse of the past but also keep us close to our heritage and the teachings of our tradition. In Bataan, we visit History, we live our Culture, we share Tradition.