Aeta Communities

Aeta Communities

If you are feeling tired and want to go away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, get in touch with nature and our ancestors! Visit the AETA COMMUNITIES in 10 out of 11 municipalities and 1 city of Bataan. Experience Community Immersion! Bangkal Aeta Community There is a community found in Abucay called the “Bangkal Community” They are one of the most accessible in the province.

The aeta children of the community have been singing for joy. They have a choir group composed of Aeta Children who touch people’s hearts and let people feel God’s love with their songs and happy faces.

Their innocence and purity of heart express nature’s divine grace not just for entertainment. In singing and dancing, they dare to share all that they have because in their poverty, “singing for joy” is all that they possess. For more information about community immersion, please contact the Provincial Tourism Office at (047) 237-4785 / (047) 237-4476 Most of the time, Churches in the country are included in the Itineraries.

It is because rich history can be found in most communities that started around these churches and these are all still evident and present. There’s more to discover here in Bataan, aside from the heritage sites and beaches. You can also find a peaceful retreat in Bataan because there’s a number of churches in the area for the faithful. With the numerous churches found in Bataan, your day is surely worth it as you visit these old aged churches.

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