No doubt, The buko pie in the town of Morong is a great pasalubong for your family and friends. It is truly a delicious experience. Try this and don’t miss a part of being a Filipino!‬

Famously known as Ginisang Bagoong sa Alamang, is a popular Filipino dip for raw mango. It is made from fermented krill or “alamang” sautéed in garlic, ginger, onion and tomatoes. Locals in Bataan produce this. It is a good appetizer, try it!

Succulent, meaty, sweet, nutritious and deliciously tempting. These are just some of the words to describe the Mangos from Orion and Limay ensuring you a bountiful and delightful treat.

Orani has been known to offer almost all kinds of seafood in their fishing port. Fishermen unload tons of their bounty catch here from sun up to sun down. Definitely a must try.

Before it was called as “poor man's food” because of its cheap price, but this connotation has changed over the years since people from different economic status learned to love and enjoy this food. Bataan’s Tuyo really stands out on everything, making every forkful a taste to remember.

Balut is perhaps the Philippines most notorious street food, definitely not for the faint hearted. This exotic snack from Hermosa is an eighteen-day-old egg with a developing duck embryo. Challenge yourself and you’ll find it surprisingly delicious.

Bataan offers a variety of gourmet products. Such as Milkfish in Corn oil, where in each bottle is packed with thick, soft chunks of bangus freshly harvested then simmered in a special recipe.

Smoke masters from Balanga go to extraordinary lengths to perfect their craft. There are a lot of choices to try from Bangus, Tilapia, Kapak, Galunggong to Cabase, Usually served best with eggs and tomatoes. Never miss a chance to try the specialty of Balanga, especially smoked fish (Tinapa) which is their best seller.

Never quibble about the price of cashew nuts again for these are handpicked, sorted and processed manually with care, then roasted to perfection. Produced by the locals of Bagac, Morong and Mariveles, these nutty treats are packed with a flavorful surprise.