Azucena E. Sugatain

Position: OIC-Provincial Tourism Officer

Work Experience: 
Role / Function:

Supervises general direction on the operations, programs and activities of the Provincial Tourism Office.


Danica Lolita C. Tigas

Position: Tourism Operations Officer I

Work Experience: Tourism Operations Assistant
Role / Function:

Ms. Tigas, as part of the Operations Team, is also assigned in updating the tourism database thru the conduct of ocular inspection. With regards to the DOT requirement on updating of tourist arrival, Ms. Tigas leads the team in charge of the tourism institutions, from the requirements in preparing the arrival reports, to coordination with the LGUs and private entities, to collation and submission of reports to the Regional DOT office.

She also spearheads the group in charge of the Tourism Marketing and Promotion programs of the province, from conceptualization to data preparation and production of the IEC materials, as well as facilitation and coordination with media group and bloggers. She also acts as an article writer and administrator of the upcoming Bataan Tourism Website.

Ms. Tigas is also responsible for the management of some tourism events, particularly those related to Culture and Arts, being involved from the preparation of project proposals, planning, coordination, and implementation and up to the post event activities. One of the province’s special programs, such as the Mt. Samat Tourism Enterprise Zone Flagship Program of the TIEZA, is also being handled by her.


Amelita E. Canare

Position: Tourism Operations Officer II

Work Experience: Tourism Operations Officer I
Role / Function:

Operations Team, is responsible in updating the tourism database thru conduct of ocular inspection in the different tourism establishments in the province. She gets involved in the different activities from the preparation of the project proposal, in planning, coordination and up to the implementation of the events being assigned to her.

She also acts as the coordinator of the office for external affairs, which includes concerns on DOT National and Regional offices, Association of Tourism Officers of Central Luzon (ATOCEL), DENR-PAMB, and BHROA. One of the special programs of the office, such as the Cultural Mapping of the 11 towns and one city of Bataan, is assigned to her.


Grace R. Leano

Position: Tourism Operations Office II

Work Experience: Community Affairs Officer I / Records Officer I
Role / Function:

Ms. Leano handles all related programs and activities with historical significance, the creation of the proposed Bataan Historical Council, and all programs being co organized with the Department of Education.

With her previous involvement in the Operations team of the department, Ms. Leano is in charge of the formulation and development of tour packages and itineraries as being requested from the office.

Due to this, she coordinates and monitors the Bataan Peninsula Tour Guides. She also acts as the PGS Performance Manager and assists in the 5s compliance of the Provincial Tourism Office.


Rochelle R. Palaypay

Position: Administrative Officer I

Work Experience: Tourist Receptionist I
Role / Function:

Ms. Palaypay acts as the Receptionist of the Tourism office. As part of her Administrative duties, she also handles all concerns and documents of all the office employees.

She is also assigned in assisting the Bataan Food and Non Food Manufacturers Association (BAFNOFMAI), DTI - SMED and coordinates with the different agencies and offices regarding enterprise development.

She also extend assistance to the Bataan Peninsula Tourism Council Foundation, Inc. (BPTCFI) for its tourism initiated activities. She also acts as an assistant in the gender and development (GAD) activities of the department. As she supports the Operations team of the office, Ms. Palaypay takes charge in the different seminars, trainings, conventions and trade fairs being participated in by the province.


Corazon B. Tomas

Position: Reproduction Machine Operator III

Work Experience: Clerk IV
Role / Function:

Ms. Tomas, as part of the Admin team, is in charge of the coordination with the Finance offices and PGO and in all actions being required prior to approval of the office’s project proposals.

She monitors the availability of the funds of the department and performs necessary actions to meet the programs’ required budget funding. Prior to project implementation, she works hand in hand with Ms. Dominguez in the preparation and processing of administrative documents related to the purchase and payments to various suppliers. As part of her assistance to the Operations team, Ms. Tomas acts as the coordinator for sports events of the Provincial Tourism Office.


Thelma A. Dominguez

Position: Administrative Assistant I

Work Experience: Administrative Assistant I
Role / Function:

Ms. Dominguez is in charge of the preparation of administrative documents for processing of requests, as well as preparation of the supporting documents for the employees’ payroll.

Being part of the Admin team, she monitors the Bataan Tourism Center and BTC compound. She also act as the 5s chairman of the Provincial Tourism Office. She extends assistance to the Bataan Peninsula Tourism Council (BPTCFI), specifically all concerns related to the Koro Bangkal Magbikin, the KBM being one of the cultural treasures of our province.


Rosalinda A. Dela Rosa

Position: Clerk IV

Work Experience: Clerk IV
Role / Function:

Monitors applicants for Provisional Accreditation Certificate and Certificate of Authority to Operate. Database Management – Monitoring and Inspection of Tourism Accommodation and Establishments.

Conducts Seminars, Tranings, Workshops for the development and improvement of Tourism Products, Skills and Services to be offered to LGUs, and Tourism Personnel, Frontliners, and Students through Webinars.


Federico R. Sardia Jr.

Position: Computer Programmer III

Work Experience: Computer Operator III
Role / Function:

Mr. Sardia is in charge of the design and lay-out of all promotional collaterals such as posters, banners and brochures. Being part of the marketing team, he is the programmer and webmaster leading in the design and development of an informative and interactive Bataan Tourism Official Website and Kiosk.


Wilson A. Mondragon

Position: Clerk IV

Work Experience: Administrative Aide IV
Role / Function:

Mr. Mondragon is part of the Operations Team. He assists in the welcoming of guests of the Provincial Tourism Office. He is also involved in the updating of tourism database by conducting ocular inspections, accreditation processing and monitoring of tourism establishments, destinations and related services.


Paula Erika S. Gayeta

Position: Tourist Receptionist I

Work Experience: Customer Service Representative
Role / Function:

Ms. Gayeta is the Article Writer of Bataan Tourism Website, Social Media Accounts, and all the Promotional Collaterals. She administers the queries on the Official Facebook Page of Bataan Tourism and manages the social media platforms. She is also in charge of assisting the shooting of the various media organizations.


James Aldrin N. Crisolo

Position: Computer Operator I

Work Experience: Computer Operator I
Role / Function:

Mr. Crisolo, being part of the marketing team, is one of the web developers and is in charge of the design and development of the interactive page and modules for the Bataan website. He also assists in the lay outing of other promotional materials.


Ryan B. Dizon

Position: Utility Worker I

Work Experience: Utility Worker I
Role / Function:

Mr. Dizon is the over all in charge of the maintenance and cleanliness of the Bataan Tourism Center. He extends assistance to the Office’s and PGB’s activities particularly in the physical set up and other logistical requirements being assigned to him during an event.


Roberto R. Manabat Jr.

Position: Driver III

Work Experience: Driver III
Role / Function:

Mr. Manabat, is the official driver of the Office and is in charge of the maintenance and cleanliness of the service van. He assists in the activities of the office and the PGB, from delivering letters, as well as in transporting and assisting guests, including media personnel.