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Enter the New Year with Style at SM City Bataan

As the countdown to 2024 begins, SM City Bataan is set to elevate your fashion game with the latest trends and exclusive collections. Whether you’re planning a glamorous New Year’s Eve celebration or a casual New Year’s Day outing, SM City Bataan has your wardrobe covered. Explore amazing discounts offered by our selected fashion outlets!


Dazzle in trendy tops and dresses as you bid farewell to the old year. Explore fashion-forward choices only at Guess located at the ground level of SM City Bataan for stunning dresses, suits, and accessories that will ensure you sparkle your way into the New Year..

For Me

Embrace the vibrant energy of the upcoming year by incorporating bold prints and lively colors into your wardrobe available at For Me located at the ground level of SM City Bataan. From floral patterns to striking hues, For Me’s diverse trendy pieces offer a spectrum of choices to suit every style.


For a laid-back start to the year, discover cozy and comfortable ensembles perfect for New Year’s Day festivities. Whether it’s a brunch with friends or a leisurely stroll, find the latest in classy casual fashion that combines comfort with style only at Giordano located at ground level.


Fashion is language. Oxygn located at the ground level of SM City Bataan invites fashion enthusiasts to speak with their style. Whether it’s a bold statement piece or a subtle, sophisticated ensemble, Oxygn’s caters to diverse tastes, allowing everyone to express their personality and style thorugh clothing.


Quality is at the heart of Bocu. Just like other well-known clothing brands, Bocu located at the ground level of SM City Bataan source premium fabrics to create garments that not only look and feel luxurious but also endure the rigors of everyday life. Bocu’s diverse array of fashion pieces is dedicated to providing everyone with enduring style and unparalleled comfort.

Visit SM City Bataan today and let the fashion-forward ambiance inspire your New Year’s wardrobe. From head-turning party outfits to laid-back casual wear, discover the perfect style to make your entrance into 2024 unforgettable. Happy shopping!

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