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The Bishop of Diocese of Balanga City Religious organizations have also contributed to the tourism industry of the province. According to Most Rev. Ruperto Santos, The Bishop of Diocese of Balanga City, they came up with an idea to have a religious tourism in our province through pilgrimage , Visita Iglesia , fellowships and other similar activities.

The religious sector also promotes and highlights the beautiful and historical churches in the province , as well as colourful rituals. The Bishop also reiterated the need for public support in renovating and fortifying ancient churches . Bishop Ruperto also reveals a plan to create " clustering" . They have made a map which includes different historical churches . This will hopefully encourage tourists to visit these places .

The diocese is also coordinating with the Metro Bataan Development Authority for the promotion of churches. Bishop Ruperto Santos says that people should have an awareness on underrated spots of the province. He also mentioned the need for cooperation between the government and church groups. Most Rev. Ruperto Santos says that “The tourism industry requires constant improvement because of the tough competition.

There should be novelty, creativity and innovativeness in the tourism activities that will be held. “