Owner and Manager Beakris House of Goodies President of Bataan Food and Non –Food Manufacturers Association (BAFNOFMAI) Ms. Santos is proud to say that Beakris House of Goodies, which is on its 20th year, has played a role in promoting Bataan delicacies.

She emphasizes the need to showcase new and undiscovered products like the Gabi ice cream from Orani and other ice cream brands that originated from the province. Ms. Santos BAFNOFMAI members are encouraging future entrepreneurs to develop their products in terms of quality, packaging, processing and technical features to make them globally competitive.

Ms. Santos says that the diverse natural features make Bataan an ideal tourist destination. The province boasts of pristine beaches and lush mountains. Add these to Las Casas, old churches and other historical landmarks. “ I would see Bataan in the Future as one of the ‘must- see places’ in every traveller’s list. ” Ms. Santos says that “it is important that every town has its trademark product like the walis tambo from Mabatang, tuyo or tinapa from Balanga, and the araro cookies from Samal.“