SM City Bataan

Welcomes Dakasi and Hotstar


SM City Bataan has recently added two exciting culinary destinations to its lineup. Dakasi, renowned for its delectable array of milk teas, and Hotstar, a celebrated name in the world of Taiwanese-style fried chicken. Dakasi and Hot star are located at the ground level.

Customers can savor the creamy goodness of Dakasi’s signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea, a concoction of rich tea flavors combined with the perfect balance of sweetness.

Hotstar, a famous name in the world of Taiwanese-style fried chicken, has also found its home at SM City Bataan. This renowned restaurant is famous for its crispy and flavorful fried chicken, making it a favorite among food enthusiasts.

The star at Hotstar is absolutely their XXL Crispy Chicken, a giant piece of succulent chicken fried to perfection. Paired with an array of tasty seasonings and sauces, it’s definitely a feast for the taste buds.

Visit SM City Bataan, and be sure to take a pit stop at Dakasi and Hot Star located at the ground level for a sip of delight and a bite of perfection.