Heading to Bataan this rainy season? A trip to the peninsula is bound to give you warmth and pleasure in its wide variety of local coffee shops! If you spend every waking morning or snack time with coffee every time you travel, this list is made for you!

Most people find rainy season as one of the best days to eat and pig out with your friends and loved ones.  Sometimes, deciding where to eat is such a challenge. Here in Bataan, we will give you a list of the local restaurants to choose from. Find out here where to eat next!

After a long tiring work week, some of us are looking forward to the weekend, wherein we have an excuse to sit back and do absolutely nothing. Our country’s weather is constantly changing, sometimes, it’s raining, sometimes, drought is taking hold. Here in Bataan, whatever the weather is, we can make your staycation worthwhile, so take a look at these unique ways to behold and enjoy your stay in Bataan!

Rainy season is finally here as officially declared by PAGASA last June 14, 2019.  People have different preferences when it comes to weather. Some people love summer season, while others are fan of rainy days. Here in Bataan, we can give you an awesome vacation inspite of scorching hot weather and even in tumultuous rains!

12hrs and 59 mins. 2019 to be experienced on June 21, 2019

Fathers’ day is celebrated to honor the sacrifices and hardwork of our fathers, and all men who became a father figure to our lives. It only comes every 2nd Sunday of June, so let us treat them and give them their well-deserved break!

On June 12, 1898, the Philippine national flag, made by Marcela Agoncillo in Hong Kong, was officially unfurled by Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista in the historic “Independence Balcony” of the house (then, a window), as President Aguinaldo proclaimed Philippine Independence from Spain. It was also here where the Marcha Nacional Filipina, the Philippine national anthem composed by Julian Felipe, was played by Banda Malabon.

We spotted 5 destinations that fits every strong independent singles and enjoy the Valentine’s Day with His masterpiece.

Satisfy your Sweethearts this coming Heart’s Day!

Give your family the best date every! This Valentine’s Day treat them at the best places in the Peninsula.

Calling all coffee lovers out there! Visit the Province of Bataan and get your daily dose of caffeine from our local cafes that serve delightful coffee, pastries, and pastas.