After a long tiring work week, some of us are looking forward to the weekend, wherein we have an excuse to sit back and do absolutely nothing. Our country’s weather is constantly changing, sometimes, it’s raining, sometimes, drought is taking hold. Here in Bataan, whatever the weather is, we can make your staycation worthwhile, so take a look at these unique ways to behold and enjoy your stay in Bataan!

1. Stay at The Plaza Hotel in the City of Balanga and grab some ramen at Café Kyoto

Rainy season calls for a delicious ramen bowl and wrapping in comfy beds, so visit the Plaza Hotel and dine at Café Kyoto. Be captivated by its impressive architecture and experience Japanese Cuisine at its finest. The hotel is adjacent to some of the City’s Tourist Attractions such as the Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga and the 18th Century St. Joseph Cathedral Church. Visit these places and don’t forget to take a selfie and use #Bataan!


2. Experience laying in cloud nine at Casa Velez Hotel

Staycation can never be this homey and cozy at Casa Veles located at 8th Avenue, FAB, Mariveles. Experience laying in a comfy bed with 10 -inch mattress and catching up on your favorite series on Netflix as each rooms has its own built in WiFi! You can also try out some new dish at Café Industriya inside the vicinity of the hotel.


3. Refresh and take a dip at the infinity Pool of Pan Resort and Hotel

A plunge in the pool, a grill restaurant, and therapeutic feels infinity pool— these are just a few things that make Pan Resort and Hotel one of the nice hotels in the peninsula. If your idea of staycation involves swimming, dining, and relaxing, then this is the right place for you! You may have a sumptuous meal at Gerry’s Grill located beside the hotel.


4. Have a relaxing spa day at The Oriental Bataan

Try the Oriental Massage and ease your body while nature’s sounds soothe you! Their outdoor spa has the perfect ambience for your choice of wellness treatments so you better try it now! Aside from having a relaxing massage, you can also take a dip at their infinity pool and taste unique dishes at their restaurant!

So have a break from your normal routine and have a memorable staycation in BATAAN, where unforgettable leisure awaits you!


Have fun and relax in this stormy weather, visit and BEHOLD Bataan!

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