Fathers’ day is celebrated to honor the sacrifices and hardwork of our fathers, and all men who became a father figure to our lives. It only comes every 2nd Sunday of June, so let us treat them and give them their well-deserved break!

Here are 5 ways to treat your dad this Fathers’ Day!

1. Hit Fluturi Gym with your dad!

Aim to be fit and healthy and try hitting the gym! Run on the treadmill, lift some weights and other sweat-inducing gym facilities.  Here in Bataan, we have gyms with high end fitness equipment as well as friendly and courteous trainers. And hey, dads could also be a great gym buddy!


2. Have a boy’s night out

Nothing can compare having deep talks with your dad over a beer so take him out, at the nearest resto-bars in Bataan. Let him sing his heart out on a KTV or listen to the bands while enjoying your beer.


3. Do some heart-pounding adventure and try cliff jumping!

Challenge your dad, make your day fun and exciting, try cliff jumping in Mariveles! You may be surprised that your dad can beat you in this thrilling activity! You may also try cove to cove hopping and see the stunning rock formations and amazing scenery in the province.


4. Watch a movie!

Since this day is for our loving dads, let him pick a movie of his choice! Here in Bataan, you can enjoy watching movies in our affordable and pleasant movie theatres.

Photograph by: www.clickthecity.com


5.Simply have a sumptuous dinner with the whole family

Gather the whole family and have a simple and intimate conversations while dining at the finest restaurants in Bataan. Let dad decide and choose in a wide variety of restaurants near you. It may be a fancy one or it may also be in an open air restaurant where you can feel the breeze while you are dining.


Let’s take this opportunity to thank our dads and show them how special they are to us!

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