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Calling all coffee lovers out there! Visit the Province of Bataan and get your daily dose of caffeine from our local cafes that serve delightful coffee, pastries, and pastas.

Here are the fancy coffee shops to visit for you to indulge your coffee cravings!

1. Warm up and drink your favorite frappe at The Beanery

The Beanery Café is one of the first home-grown coffee shops that was opened to the public as a hangout and chill place in the City of Balanga. It has four (4) branches in the province to serve you: 2 in the Capitol Drive, Dinalupihan, and Orani. Taste the perfectly concocted variety of frappes such as Caramel Machiato, Vanilla Pistachio Cream and one of their best sellers, Jello Freeze. Fill up your stomach with tempting sisig, Babyback Ribs, Roasted Chicken and a lot more.


2. Chill at the artisanal inspired café, the Plaza Brew Coffee Company

Enjoy great food and choose among the wide variety of coffee at the Plaza Brew Coffee Company.  Be impressed by the cafés extensive vintage collection and antique ornaments. Get to know more about the pre-war period.  Pair up their famous Designer Doughnut with their Handcrafted brewed coffee drinks! The restaurant also serves flavorful meals such as Crispy Kare – Kare, and delightful breakfast!  You can also de-stress after a long tiring day and listen to acoustic live bands.


3. Have a sip of coffee at Remedios Café

This cafe will surely give you a refreshing experience while sipping a cup of coffee and savoring some of their delectable food choices such as Tapa, Pork Belly, and Baby Back Ribs! Relax in a cozy ambiance and mellow vibe that everyone will surely enjoy!


4. Appreciate art and experience pleasurable dining at Exhibit C

Have you heard Exhbit C in Brgy. San Jose in the City of Balanga? Well if you haven’t, don’t hesitate to visit this first Art Café in Bataan! Savor appetizing comfort foods and taste the Sagada Brew Coffee while gazing at the amazing artworks made by local artists.


5. Chitchat with friends over a cup of coffee and delicious food at Rodolfo’s Café

Rodolfo’s café in Dinalupihan is a no-wifi zone so that customers will hopefully be forced to converse with each other. But of course, talking with friends wouldn’t be complete without sipping a cup of coffee and feasting delicious food such as sisig rice, buffalo wings, pastas and a lot more!


Sip a cup of coffee and have a hearty conversation at these fancy coffee shops in Bataan. To see more tourist destinations in the Peninsula, please visit our website