It is the former site of the Philippine Refugee Processing Center (PRPC), a transition and training center for Indochinese refugees who fled from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia during the 1970s.

It marks the start of the death march in Bagac. Unveiled in 1968, it has the same structure as that in Mariveles wherein a bayonet was thrust to the ground with a soldier’s helmet symbolically slung over the rifle bust.

The Bataan World War II Museum is uniquely but strategically located at the back of Balanga Elementary School. The museum was built as a tribute to our fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in 1942. It showcases tragic tidbits about the mentioned war, specially the horrendous Bataan Death March where thousands of Filipino and American soldiers perished.

This tower in the town of Bagac is a clear symbol of positive transformation. Former adversaries during Word War II reconciled and eventually became close allies. The Risho Kosei Kai Group built the monument tower in 1975. It is a reminder that Japan , now a pacifist country , vows never to engage in war again.